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CCTT contact information

640, rue Côté Ouest
Alma (Québec) G8B 7S8
Phone : 418 480-3300
Fax : 418 480-3306

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Points of service

  • Capitale-Nationale

  • Sainte-Croix


          Patrick Girard

          General Manager
          418 480-3300 extension 208

          Richard Wieland, agr.

          Director of Research
          418 480-3300 extension 233

          Fields of expertise

          • Northern agriculture and emerging crops
          • Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources
          • Berries
          • Livestocks and forage
          • Potato production
          • Agronomy services in industrial settings

          Application examples

          • Development plan for the agricultural territory and the agri-food sector in several regional county municipalities of Quebec
          • Experiments and trialing for the development of the low-bush blueberry industry in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region
          • Evaluation of a project to create a production chain involving the use of virgin oleaginous oils to produce biodiesel
          • Benchmarking study concerning the establishment of a centre for the processing and conversion of plant fibres
          • Development of inedible bedding for horses
          • Revegetation of an industrial waste site
          • Trial large-scale growing of common millet
          • Experimentation with a rotating barrel composter for processing hog farm manure and slurry


          • Farm application
          • Establishment, maintenance and harvest
            • BCS Tiller 28 inches
            • Mower BCS 28 inches
            • Small no-till drill
            • 75 hp tractor
            • Disc harrow
            • Tiller
            • Potato planter and harvester
          • Precision Agriculture
            • GPS positioning system and assisted driving
            • Monitor variable rate application
            • Variable rate sprayer
          • Laboratory soil / plant
            • Growth chamber
            • Oven dry grain, forage, forest residues, etc..
            • Pest identification
            • Spore count
            • Measuring equipment
            • Hobo probe (temperature outside and inside)
            • Weather Station
            • Grain probe (rapid measurement of moisture)
            • Refractometer (blood sugar)
            • Penetrometer (Ph ground measurement)
            • Anemometer