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Agrinova – Recherche et innovation en agriculture

CCTT contact information

640, rue Côté Ouest
Alma (Québec) G8B 7S8
Phone : 418 480-3300
Fax : 418 480-3306

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Points of service

  • Capitale-Nationale

  • Sainte-Croix


          Patrick Girard

          General Manager
          418 480-3300 extension 208

          Richard Wieland, agr.

          Director of Research
          418 480-3300 extension 233

          Gérard Landry

          Director of Research
          418 480-3300 extension 226

          Fields of expertise

          • Northern Agriculture and Emerging Production
          • Energy efficiency and renewable energies
          • Berries
          • Animal productions
          • Potatoes production
          • Agronomic services in an industrial environment
          • Field crops
          • International cooperation

          Application examples

          • Strategic Plan for Northern Agriculture in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean
          • Opportunity Study for Establishing a Niche of Excellence on Northern Agriculture
          • Forum and Study on the Development of the Innovation System of the Niche of Excellence Northern Agriculture Focuses on Wild Blueberry and Seed Potato
          • Experimentation of the effect of innovative practices of Nordic organic agriculture management on the productivity of industrial hemp (Canabis sativa)
          • Experimenting the optimal amounts of barley as a replacement for corn grain in dairy feeds under northern climates
          • Development of a northern forage mix consisting of beans, peas and Alexandria clover
          • Evaluation of the profitability and feasibility of three fall wheat growing protocoles in northern climates
          • Impacts of agroforestry systems as a means of protecting a wheat crop in a climate change context
          • Development of biomolecular detection tools for the identification and quantification of potato pathogens in soil and plant tissues
          • Characterization and testing of agroforestry development models of non-timber forest products in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean
          • Using High Precision Multispectral Aerial Imaging as a Productivity Diagnostic Tool in Wild Blueberry Crops
          • Valuation of Vicia faba L. in dairy feed and evaluation of the effect of its tannins on milk production, milk components and GHG emissions
          • Production Guide for the crop production of the Gourgane
          • Developing research capacity to improve the storage, conservation and quality of table potato, processing and seed potato inventories
          • Thermochemical conversion center for the production of biochars and derived bioproducts


          • Training and research farm
          • Implantation, maintenance and harvest in plots or fields
            • BCS 28-Inch Rototor
            • BCS 28 inch mower
            • Small no-till seed drill
            • 75 hp tractor
            • Disc Harrow
            • Tiller
            • Planter and potato harvester
            • AgBag
            • Wheel scale
            • Spreader on wheels
            • Mixer for mineral fertilizer
          • Precision farming
            • GPS positioning system and assisted driving
            • Variable rate application monitor
            • Variable rate sprayer
            • Portable PCR
            • Backpack for pesticide application
          • Soil / plant laboratory
            • Growth Chamber
            • Dry matter oven: grain, forage, forest residues, etc.
            • Pest insect identification
            • Spore count