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Biopterre – Centre de développement des bioproduits

CCTT contact information

1642, rue de la Ferme
Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière (Québec) G0R 1Z0
Phone : 418 856-5917
Fax : 418 856-6405

Web site :

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Points of service

  • Saint-Hyacinthe

  • Rivière-du-Loup


Benoit Cayer

General Manager
418 856-5917 extension 210

Agathe Vialle

418 856-5917, extension 235

Fields of expertise

  • Development and evaluation of agroenvironmental technologies
  • Development of value-added products from living natural resources, such as peat moss (sphagnum moss) and spin-off products
  • Production, harvesting and processing of non-timber forest and agroforestry products for use in food, pharmaceuticals and other

Application examples

  • Decentralized biotreatment systems for wastewater, run-off water, and livestock effluent in rural environments
  • Reclamation of organic farm, forest and municipal wastes
  • Development of biofiltering media
  • Intelligent biofertilizer application
  • Development de biofertilizers, biofungicides, biopesticides
  • Development of products and machinery for harvesting, sorting, extracting, readying and processing non-timber forest and specialty products


  • PCR and real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR)
  • Photodocumentation system (digital camera high sensitivity)
  • Electrophoresis System
  • Equipment plant physiology (eg LiCor, Sunscan, SPAD, etc.).
  • Growth chambers under controlled conditions (for plants)
  • Photon microscopes
  • Laminar flow hood
  • Mills biological samples
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Agricultural equipment (precision seeder, harvester semi-automatic channel maker, bed shaper)
  • Specialized software
  • Conditioning equipment biomass (grinder, shredder, strainer, dryer, grainy, crusher)
  • Biobaler for biomass harvest
  • Characterization equipment biomass