Solution-Oriented Experts : Technological and Social Innovations

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Centre d’innovation sociale en agriculture – CISA (PSN)

CCTT contact information

475, rue Notre-Dame Est
Victoriaville (Québec) G6P 4B3
Phone : 819 758-6401
Fax : 819 758-8960

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      Simon Dugré

      819 758-6401 extension 2360

      Marie-Joëlle Brassard, Ph.D.

      Senor Project Manager
      819 758-6401 extension 2362

      Fields of expertise

      • Sustain the development in the agriculture through multidisciplinary analysis of sector-specific problems
      • Research concerning the factors fostering the implementation and effectiveness of these social innovation practices
      • Support for initiatives to organizations and individuals working in the agriculture



      Application examples

      • Establishment of a network of rural social workers and “sentinels” (i.e., to identify and alleviate distress and suicide among farm owners and workers)
      • Development, where appropriate, of CUMAs (cooperatives of collective use of agricultural equipment) and CUMOs (cooperatives of collective use of manpower)
      • Establishment of childcare service network in a rural area