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Centre de production automatisée – CPA

CCTT contact information

3780, rue Panet
Jonquière (Québec) G7X 0E5
Phone : 418 542-0307
Fax : 418 542-6818

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      Nancy Gagnon

      418 542-0307 extension 7152

      Robert Poirier

      Project Manager
      418 542-0307 extension 7432

      Fields of expertise

      • Industrial automation (process control, plant automation and OEM automation)
      • Data Acquisition systems, archiving, production reports and data processing
      • Development Human machine interfaces (HMI)
      • IT Support and industrial networking
      • Tailored training in automation and other on-site training
      • Energetic analysis

      Application examples

      The role of Centre de Production Automatisée (CPA) is to optimize processes through various types of automation. The nature of the process in question is irrelevant.

      It can be a factory, a new industrial process, a prototype machinery or an applied research project involving automation.

      Similarly, this can also be the development of advanced control algorithms that can include simulation.

      Here are other examples:

      • Optimization of a rotary dryer with a "feedforward" control
      • Implementation and optimization of a water content reading by an infrared approach (NIR)
      • Automation of a giant 5 axes aluminum ingots saw
      • Development of a training device for rehabilitation (R & D)
      • Creation and analysis of a fruit injection process algorithm in a fermenter
      • Optimal and global control of an electrical micro-network


      The CPA disposes of the most recent state of the art equipment with several types of automation systems from different manufacturers. Our labs are opened to private companies who want to experiment different technologies available before choosing certain brands for their own use.


      Furthermore, most of these hands-on labs are mobile and can be configure for on-site simulations and training.

      • PLC of all trademarks
      • Operation Interface PanelView and PanelMate;
      • Drives and motors control;
      • Delta-V control systems (DCS);
      • Real time process simulations;
      • Pasteurization laboratory HTST;
      • Data acquisition systems;
      • Pneumatic and servo-pneumatic positioning systems.