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CCTT contact information

720, rue Longpré
Sherbrooke (Québec) J1G 4L3
Phone : 819 822-8998
Fax : 819 823-9864

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      Sébastien Houde

      General Manager
      819 822-8998 extension 50

      Fields of expertise

      • Management of computer-aided production
      • Computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM)
      • Industrial computing
      • Networking
      • Acquisition and implementation of ERP, CFAO, CRM systems; maintenance
      • Integration of production line data
      • Metrology
      • 3D laser scanning for modelling

      Application examples

      • Design of an e-Manufacturing production unit
      • Optimization of cutting tools management software
      • Development of a scanning process for use in the manufacture of orthopaedic shoes
      • Production equipment management software
      • Integration of CAD/CAM technologies featuring interactive link to production management software
      • Integration of preventive maintenance – ERP
      • Fast prototyping, form modelling and casting of an engine crankcase in aluminium/ magnesium alloy
      • Design of a parameterized production system: integration of parameterized data for batch ordering in the production of automated designs, CNC programs and images for use by a laser actuator
      • Development and implementation of an intelligent (RFID-based) production control integrated into production monitoring by ERP system
      • Development of a digital process for the manufacture of orthopedic shoes


      • Computer integrated manufacturing lab
      • Milling EMCO Concept Mill 155
      • Lathe EMCO Concept Turn 250
      • Fanuc robot LR Mate 200iC
      • Fanuc robot LR Mate 200iC 5L
      • Fanuc robot M-710iC 50S
      • ABB robot IRB140
      • Automated warehouse unit
      • Automated conveyor
      • Robot machining cell 
      • Metrology lab
      • CMM DEA (40 x 60 x 24 inches)
      • Romer arm Series 3000i
      • Kreon laser scanners model K250  
      • 3D laser scanners  IVC-3D  
      • Webcam for 2D inspection
      • Communication protocol analyser
      • Softwares : SolidWorks, Mastercam, Esprit, SigmaNEST, PolyWorks, Rhinoceros, Robotmaster