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Centre de robotique et de vision industrielles – CRVI

CCTT contact information

205, route Mgr-Bourget bureau G272
Lévis (Québec) G6V 6Z9
Phone : 418 833-1965
Fax : 418 833-8726

Web site :

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      Alain Bordeleau

      General manager
      418 833-1965 extension 3261

      Louis St-Pierre

      Director Business development
      581 989-1965

      Fields of expertise

      • Simulations
      • Feasibility: robotics–vision
      • Training: robotics-vision
      • Robotic Welding
      • QC: 2D/3D
      • Metrology, Shape recognition, Color,Classification
      • Video Surveillance
      • Algorithm development
      • Neural networks
      • Vision for mobile robotics
      • GPGPU

      Application examples

      • Proof of concept for robotics screen assembly. Force torque control to measure the strength and to guide the mesh into the aluminum extrusion. Increase of production by optimizing hidden cycle time.
      • RobotiQ, manufacturer of a three-fingered flexible and adaptive gripper. The project implements a vision based control of a robot in order to achieve high precision in robotics manipulation.
      • Development of a real time machine vision system for ore sorting in mining industries. The system quantifies and sorts the extracted rocks. It includes an optic head, a dedicated processor, a control module and a man machine interface. The processing is optimized using Multi-Core and GPGPU parallel programming.


      • Off line robotic simulation (Fanuc, ABB, Kuka, Motoman, etc.)
      • Parallel robot Fanuc M-1
      • Scara robot Adept Cobra 600
      • Six-axis robot 4 to 60 kg paylaod (Fanuc, ABB, Kuka, Motoman)
      • Robotics welding cell (Fronius/ Lincoln sources)
      • Robotics jigless welding cell
      • Training room : 3 robots M-10 (Fanuc)
      Machine Vision
      Cameras :
      • 2D and 3D (laser triangulation, stereo vision, etc.)
      • Color and  3CCD
      • High speed camera
      • Camera with very high zoom
      • Multi-spectral camera Visible-NIR (near infra-red)
      • Infra-Red Broadband camera with active and thermal spectrums
      • Smart cameras
      • Line scan cameras
      • Frame Grabbers
      • Lenses
      • Specialized lighting
      • Linear axes
      • 3D Metrology system
      • Metrology  software
      • Simulation and prototyping software
      • High performance Multi-GPU and Multi-CPU servers
      • Vision library
      • Specialized vision software