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Centre de technologie minérale et de plasturgie – CTMP

CCTT contact information

671, boulevard Frontenac Ouest, porte # 7C
Thetford Mines (Québec) G6G 1N1
Phone : 418 338-6410
Fax : 418 338-9584

Web site :

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      Annie Rochette

      General Manager
      418 338-6410 extension 307

      Fields of expertise

      Mineral sector

      • Ore processing
      • Characterization of metals, minerals and aggregates
      • Recovering of mine tailings

      Plastics sector

      • Polymer design
      • Polymer characterization
      • Product development
      • Recovery and recycling

      Application examples

      Mineral sector

      • Assessment of end-use potential of minerals in various products
      • Mineral extraction from mine tailings
      • Refractory materials development
      • Use of mineral technologies for the recovery and conversion of wastes
      • Development of an industrial absorbent

      Plastics sector

      • Development of plastic wood materials
      • Formulation and conversion of recycled resins
      • Optimization of the characterizations of a bioplastic
      • Incorporation of mineral fillers into plastics
      • Failure analyses performed on plastic products



      • crushers and grinders
      • attritor, micronizer
      • flotation cells
      • magnetic, electrostatic separators, Kelsey jig, Knelson concentrator, etc.
      • ovens
      • sieves and screens


      • injection molding machines
      • single-screw extruders
      • twin-screw extruders
      • internal mixer
      • compression molding machines

      Physico-chemical charecterization

      • UV-visible spectrometer, FT-IR spectrometer, Raman spectrometer
      • atomic absorption device
      • XRF apparatus
      • mechanical analysis : tension, shear and torsion devices, impact testers, hardness, etc.
      • thermomechanical analysis: DMA, DMA, TFC
      • thermal analysis: DSC, TGA
      • accelerated aging  (UV- Xenon)
      • rheometer
      • melt index apparatus
      • granulometric distribution: microtrac, sedigraph
      • optical microscope (con-focal polarized light, reflected light)
      • specific surface and porosity analyzer
      • pycnometer and densitometer