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Centre de transfert technologique en écologie industrielle – CTTEI

CCTT contact information

3005, boulevard de Tracy
Sorel-Tracy (Québec) J3R 1C2
Phone : 450 551-8090, poste 3516

Web site :

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Points of service

  • Victoriaville


    Claude Maheux-Picard

    Technical Director
    450 551-8090 extension 3518

    Fields of expertise

    • Industrial waste valorization
    • Product development
    • Industrial symbiosis and synergy by-products projects
    • Green chemistry and clean technologies
    • Market studies
    • Circular economy


    Application examples

    Applied research projects aim to develop new approaches to reclaim industrial waste, validate these approaches and then transfer the results to industries.


    The goal of technical support projects is to assist businesses seeking to characterize and research solutions for better waste management.



    • Concrete products with a high recycled materials content
    • Supercritical CO2 extraction of bituminouscompounds from asphalt roofing shingles
    • Material development for degradable funerary urns
    • Implementation of industrial symbiosis in Brome-Missisquoi, Lanaudière and Bécancour
    • End-of-life metro wagons characterization
    • Industrial sludge and effluents for CO2 sequestration
    • Hyrdothermal oxidation of organic waste streams
    • Etc.


    • Calorimeter
    • Spectrofluorometer
    • PerkinElmer atomic absorption
    • Total organic carbon/nitrogen analyzer
    • Gas chromatograph and mass spectrometer
    • FID detector
    • TSD
    • Organic compound analysis
    • HPLC conductivity detector (ion-exchange chromatography)
    • HPLC UV detector
    • ICP spectrometer
    • Metal analysis
    • PerkinElmer FTIR infrared spectrometer
    • ATD-ATG syst FCA, hermogravimetric behaviours
    • Hydrometer
    • Denver density kit
    • Laser beam particle size analyzer
    • Particle-size distribution
    • Rotap screen agitator
    • Particle-size distribution
    • Wesphal balance, pycnometer
    • Liquid density
    • Cleveland flash & fire points
    • Pensky Martens flash point tester
    • Flash point
    • Hach respirometer
    • Various Crushers
    • Planetary mill
    • Finely crushes small samples
    • Cutting mill
    • Hot/cold 12-tonne press
    • Hach portable turbidimeter