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CCTT contact information

129, rue du Parc-de-l’innovation
La Pocatière (Québec) G0R 1Z0
Phone : 418 856-4350
Fax : 418 856-3458

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      Lorraine Blais

      418 856-4350 extension 105

      Luc Landry

      Manager – Electrical Engineering
      418 856-4350 extension 109

      Fields of expertise

      • Design
      • EMI
      • Power Electronics
      • Embedded systems
      • Energy efficiency
      • Production processes
      • Custom bench tests
      Laser Processing
      • Welding
      • Microtexturing
      • Hardening
      • Cladding
      Software Solutions
      • Process optimization
      • Interface ergonomics
      • Augmented reality

      Application examples

      • Development of a hybrid laser/GMAW welding process for the closure of nuclear waste containers
      • Development of laser cladding processes for tungsten carbide tools
      • Development of functions and interfaces for hospital beds. Management of requirements and standards of the health sector, including those of the FDA
      • Development of a non-invasive measurement of vital signs with biofeedback
      • Development of a patented process for concentration by evaporation in food processing, with a reduction of energy consumption by more than 90%
      • Design of an embedded system dedicated to high speed applications of user interfaces


      • Fiber laser sources, 2 kW and 15 kW
      • Picosecond laser, 150 µJ per pulse, 25W
      • 3 laser laboratories equipped with 6 axis robots and servo-positioners
      • Adaptive Hybrid laser/GMAW welding system with Servo-Robot seam tracking
      • RLSK scanner head
      • Power meters and laser beam diagnostic systems
      • Wide variety of optics
      Software solutions
      • Augmented reality equipment
      • Tactile infrared zone
      • EMI laboratory
      • Power electronics laboratory
      • Controlled atmosphere chamber
      • Acoustics laboratories
      • Wide variety of sources and measure equipment
      • Mechanical design laboratory
      • Stress analysis software
      • Prototyping laboratory (millings, lathes, plasma cutting table, etc.)
      • Date acquisition and treatment equipment (LabView, variety of sensors)