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Institut de technologie des emballages et du génie alimentaire – ITEGA

CCTT contact information

6220, rue Sherbrooke Est
Montréal (Québec) H1N 1C1
Phone : 514 255-4444
Fax : 514 255-1234

Web site :

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      Bruno Ponsard

      514 255-4444 extension 6223

      Fields of expertise


      • Eco-friendly, active and intelligent packagings
      • Product-packaging interaction
      • Packaging material development
      • Packaging and products caracteristics fits

      Food pricess engineering

      • Food Transformation processes
      • Conditioning processes
      • Value-added food products valorization

      Application examples


      • Development of active packaging film (antimicrobial) from biopolymers
      • Shelf-life increasing by optimized packaging and preservation technologies
      • Intelligent packaging with nanoparticules
      • Migration testing from packaging to food

      Food pricess engineering

      • Development of enzymatic conversion process
      • Valorization of food waste into added value products
      • Optimization of food processes in diary



      • Permeability analyzers OTR and WVTR (film and packaging)
      • MAP and vaccum packaging system
      • Cell of migration
      • GC-MS and HPLC for migration testing
      • Oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzers


      • Bioreactors (2 and 100 liters)
      • Controlled temperature and humidity chamber
      • Gas mixer for MAP system