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Institut des communications graphiques et de l’imprimabilité - ICI

CCTT contact information

999, avenue Émile-Journault Est
Montréal (Québec) H2M 2E2
Phone : 514 389-5061
Fax : 514 389-5840

Web site :

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      André Dion

      General Manager
      514 389-5061 extension 240

      Fields of expertise

      • Technical trouble shooting
      • Color management
      • Print quality control
      • Independent laboratory services
      • Development of consumables
      • Printability analyses on press
      • Testing procedure
      • Reproducible, relevant tests carried out in a controlled environment

      Application examples

      • Development of a cellulose nanocrystals field-based printing medium
      • Development of a conductive material replacing ITO
      • Development of printed packaging to extend the shelf life of packaged food
      • Development of a patented quality control to systematically verify the performance of printing press ink from batch to batch
      • Setting strategy premedia for an industrial group
      • Strategic projects on the identification of printing equipment to serve new markets
      • Study on competitive consumables in terms of performance on printing presses
      • Quality control on the performance of printing press inks
      • Problem solving on site


      The web offset press Goss M-110 web offset heatset press with folder or sheeter, can be used in coldset mode 

      The offset sheetfed press Heidelberg Speedmaster 74, 5 colors with varnish and online drying unit

      The flexographic press 6 color Aquaflex press 

      The digital printing department Xerox IGen 3

      Ink-paper interaction laboratory

      • Technibrite
      • Dynamic Penetration Measurement (D.P.M.) Tester
      • Digital Bristow wheel
      • Near and Mid Infrared Spectrometer
      • Lloyd for elongation at break tester

      Inks laboratory

      • Datacolor spectrophotometer (SF 600)
      • IGT
      • Automatic Air driven K-proof
      • Prüfbau gravure
      • Duke 2000 Viscosimeter
      • ATS Rheometer
      • Inkometer – to measure ink tack

      Colorimetry and image analysis laboratory

      • Auto-Tracking Systems (ATS) X-Rite
      • A range of densitometers and spectrophotometers
      • Verity IA image analyser
      • ImageXpert image analyser
      • Gretag Macbeth Linocolor