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OLEOTEK – Chimie verte

CCTT contact information

835, rue Mooney Ouest
Thetford Mines (Québec) G6G 0A5
Phone : 418 338-1318
Fax : 418 338-1338

Web site :

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      David Berthiaume

      Executive Director
      418 338-1318 extension 223

      Alain Tremblay

      Scientific Director
      (418) 338-1318 extension 224

      Fields of expertise

      • Mechanical fluids
      • Coating and adhesives
      • Materials
      • Tensioactive agents
      • Impregnation agents
      • Fuels
      • Chemical intermediates
      • Cosmetics and nutraceutics

      Application examples

      • Development of a non toxic, biodegradable and renewable electrical insulating oil suited for cold climates
      • Washable rust preventive treatment developed from vegetable oil
      • Fatty acid purification process with the recycling of complexing agent
      • Emulsified recycled oils as heating fuel
      • Biodiesel formulation with antioxidants
      • Study of the Rancimat Test Method in Measuring the Oxidation Stability of Biodiesel Esters and Blends
      • Development of new tensioactive and rheological agents targeting the food and cosmetic industries
      • Study on the use of oleochemical plasticizers for polyethylene recycling
      • Development of a process for selective oxidation of oleic acid into two high value added products: azelaic acid and pelargonic acid.


      • Chemical Reactors (20L, 120L, 200L, 400L, and 800L) max. 600 psig
      • Rotary Evaporator (20L)
      • Biphasic Extractor (60L)
      • Filtration: bag filter, press filter, filter bottom reactor
      • Decanter, Preparative Centrifuge
      • Cooling circuit
      • Steam 150 psig
      • Nitrogen, Vacuum