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Service de recherche et d’expertise en transformation des produits forestiers – SEREX

CCTT contact information

25, rue Armand-Sinclair, porte 5
Amqui (Québec) G5J 1K3
Phone : 418 629-2288
Fax : 418 629-2280

Web site :

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      Patrick Dallain

      General Manager
      418 629-2288 extension 222

      Papa Niokhor Diouf

      Scientific director
      418 629-2288 extension 230

      Fields of expertise

      • Wood Processing
      • Sustainable Chemitry
      • Green Building
      • Renewable Energy

      Application examples

      • Development of ecofriendly products for wood-based material treatments
      • Development of biobased adhesives and resins for wood-based panel industry
      • Development of lignocellulosic-based insulation materials for building envelope
      • Development of extraction processes and technologies from Quebec wood species to produce biobased chemicals and bioactive ingredients
      • Development of engineered wood products
      • Characterization of woody biomass for energy applications


      • Wood Chemistry and Microbiology laboratories
      • Heat treatment and vacuum-pressure impregnation units
      • Pyrolysis unit
      • Wood-based material control quality lab (mechanical properties, UV resistance, fire testing)
      • Wood panel and composite manufacturing lab
      • Biomass combustion test facility (woodchips, pellets, briquettes)
      • Building envelope performance test lab (thermal and acoustic)
      • Lumber dry kiln and wood processing lab