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Trans Bio Tech – Centre de recherche et de transfert en biotechnologies

CCTT contact information

201, route Mgr-Bourget
Lévis (Québec) G6V 9V6
Phone : 418 833-8876
Fax : 418 833-8867

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      Denis Beaumont

      General Manager
      418 833-8876 extension 3121

      Fields of expertise

      Biotechnologies and leading-edge analytical chemistry techniques applied to the study and development of products relating to human and animal health:
      • pharmaceuticals
      • veterinary biologics
      • diagnostic products
      • natural health products
      • cosmeceuticals nutraceuticals
      • functional foods

      Application examples

      • Preclinical pharmacological studies on small animals for the purpose of  evaluating the absorption and conversion of medications (pharmacokinetics) as well as the physiological and biochemical effects of medications (pharmacodynamics)
      • Development of immunoassays and diagnostic kits
      • Production of cells, microorganisms and recombinant proteins
      • Characterization and dosing of molecules or active ingredients in various media: biological fluids, medicinal plants, essential oils, nutraceutics and functional foods.
      • Evaluation of properties of natural products: antioxidant power, anti-inflammatory potential, weight-reducing effects, etc.
      • Animal models for studying the efficacy of products to combat various diseases: obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes.
      • Genotyping for scrapie
      • Standardized techniques of characterizing and dosing molecules and specific active ingredients
      • A range of immunoassays


      • Ventilated cages 
      • Irradiation unit with UVA and UVB 
      • In vivo imaging system
      • Ultra high pressure liquid chromatograph (UPLC) 
      • High pressure liquid chromatograph (HPLC) 
      • Mass spectrometer (MS) 
      • Gas chromatography (GC) 
      • Flow cytometer 
      • Fluorescence microscope 
      • Real-time PCR 
      • Biofermentor 
      • Plate reader (ELISA, fluorescence, luminescence)