Solution-Oriented Experts : Technological and Social Innovations

Who we are?

Réseau Trans-tech and the CCTTs

College Centres for the Transfer of Technologies (CCTT) are applied research centres affiliated with the “cégeps” and colleges of Quebec, while Réseau Trans-tech is the network of all CCTTs.

The mission of CCTTs is to support your company or your organization in the innovation process through:

  • Technical support: i.e., assistance and coaching through technological change process; the adaptation of technological solutions; knowledge and know-how transfer; etc.
  • Technological development: i.e., the creation or improvement of products; the refining and trialling of specialized processes or devices; the development or upgrading of technologies, workshops and tutorials; knowledge transfer; etc.
  • Information and training: i.e., the development of personalized training programs; technology watch; data searches; post-training follow-up and evaluation; market surveys and feasibility studies; the organization of symposia and colloquia; etc.

The CCTTs bring together more than 1300 experts – researchers, engineers and technologists, as well as qualified specialists who hold doctorates, master’s and bachelor’s degrees, and technical certificates. ALL these experts are there to help you!

College Centres for the Transfer of Technologies are located throughout Quebec, in the major urban centres as in the outlying regions (see search by region). Their technical and scientific expertise covers a broad range of sectors (see search by sector of activity).

Not sure which College Centre for the Transfer of Technologies to turn to? Call Réseau Trans-tech at 418 653-6763 : our experts will know where to direct you! You may also email us at:

Some of the services offered by the College Centres for the Transfer of Technologies qualify under financial assistance programs. For further details, call us at Réseau Trans-tech, at 418 653-6763. You may also email us at:

It is worth noting that the College Centres for the Transfer of Technologies are accredited under the Loi des cégeps.

Our team

The strength of Réseau Trans-tech lies in its team – namely, the 1300 experts located throughout the College Centres for the Transfer of Technologies and the Réseau Trans-tech staff:

Christine Bernier, administrative assistant

Stéphanie Doyon, communication and social media Project Manager

Pierre Lafrance, techno-expert

Véronique Proulx, operations manager

Mathieu Vigneault, managing director

You may also call us at: 418 653-6763.
For additional information on Synchrone, contact us by e-mail at

Our board of directors

In the performance of its day-to-day activities, the Réseau Trans-tech is supported by the members of the board of directors:

Gheorghe Marin, President
General Director
CMQ – Centre de métallurgie du Québec
Cégep Trois-Rivières

Paulette Kaci, Executive Vice-President
General Manager
Vestechpro – Centre de recherche et d’innovation en habillement
Cégep Marie-Victorin

Mathieu Cormier, Vice President-colleges
General Manager
Cégep de Saint-Laurent

David Bourdages, Secretary-Treasurer of the Board
General Manager
CIRADD – Centre d’initiation à la recherche et d’aide au développement durable –
Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles

Patrick Dallain, Board member
General Manager
SEREX – SErvice de Recherche et d’EXpertise en transformation des produits forestiers
Cégep de Rimouski

Josée Dallaire, Board member
General Manager
CGQ – Centre de géomatique de Québec
Cégep de Chicoutimi

Sébastien Houle, Board member
General Manager
Productique Québec
Cégep de Sherbrooke

Janic Lauzon, Board member
General Manager
CDCQ– Centre de développement des composites du Québec
Cégep de Saint-Jérôme

Fadia Naïm, board member
Managing director
Cintech Agroalimentaire
Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe

Isabelle Cayer, administrator
General Director
CDRIN – Centre de développement et de recherche en imagerie numérique
Cégep de Matane
( )

Denis Lafrance, administrator
General Director
Optech – Centre collégial de transfert technologique en optique-photonique
Cégep de la Pocatière, Cegep André-Laurendeau et Collège John Abbott
( )

Claude Roy, Board member
General Manager
Cégep André-Laurendeau

During the meetings of the Board of Directors, Mr. Bernard Tremblay, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Federation of CEGEPs is also present and acts as an observer.

Our mission

The mission of Réseau Trans-tech is to promote synergy among its members with a view to stimulating the economic development of all regions of Quebec; to contribute to the development of its members; and to represent its members in dealings with government, scientific and business organizations and actors.

To this end, it adopts positions and actions in areas of common interest and provides its members with informational, educational, promotional and representation-related services.

Our vision

The vision of Réseau Trans-tech is to embody a network of indispensable yet accessible integrated applied research and technology transfer resources and to become, for its members, a clearinghouse of distinctive coaching and tutoring practices in order both to support the technological innovation process in businesses and to enrich the training provided at “cégeps” and colleges.

Our values

Close cooperation

Réseau Trans-tech is defined by its members and the interactions that this network generates among them. Accordingly, collaboration, teamwork, partnership, networking and the quest for synergy are all vital components of Réseau Trans-tech’s action.


Réseau Trans-tech is an assembly and coalition of people and organizations that maintain their specific cultures and ways of doing business. Thus, although the Réseau strives to generate synergies, it also respects the differences and autonomy of its members at all times.


In everything it does, Réseau Trans-tech places a premium on simplicity, smoothness, timeliness and a sense of priorities. It stays continually focused on relevance and seeks to maximize value for members

Our positioning

Solution-Oriented Experts : Technological and Social Innovations

Réseau Trans-tech is :

• 49 centres
• 1300 experts
• Everywhere in Quebec

Our partners

Réseau Trans-tech collaborates closely with several partners who rank as key players in the area of innovation and technology in Quebec and Canada, including, notably :(click on the name to access the website):

To contact us

Réseau Trans-tech’s offices are located at 979, avenue de Bourgogne, local 320, Québec (Québec) G1W 2L4.

You may also call us at 418 653-6763
or email us at