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Laser Welding Workshop

13 Avr 2016 - 14 Avr 2016

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Over the last decades, lasers have been successfully implemented in the manufacturing industry not only for cutting, but also for welding several materials of varied thicknesses, from sub-millimeter foils to cargo hulls. Although well mastered in some segments of the welding industry, laser processes are not yet wide-spread in the Canadian industry, which could benefit more from their high production efficiency and low thermal stress. Novika Solutions and IPG Photonics would like to join their efforts and welcome the members of the Canadian Welding Association on a series of conferences and hands-on lab sessions on high power laser processing. Laser welding, hybrid laser-GMAW welding, laser cladding and laser tempering are to be presented. The attendees will meet and share with laser processing experts as see how laser processing could be implemented in their industry.


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13 Avr 2016
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14 Avr 2016
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